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We have the pleasure of working with some of the very best composers to offer selections that choirs everywhere will enjoy!


We offer a wide variety of music for all different types of vocal harmony.



Please do not hesitate to contact us with licensing questions. We are here to help you!




For all seasons of the year, we are happy to offer directors the very best in choral music!



Seasonal music

At Epiphany house, we love helping choir directors find the very best music for their choirs throughout all seasons of the year. Every piece of choir music we offer brings something special to the blended worship experience.

New Music

We’re always adding new music to our catalog! Follow us on Facebook to stay up to date on all the latest releases from Fred Bock Music and our other imprints.


At Epiphany House, we offer a variety of music that children of all ages will enjoy learning and performing!

Choral Director Approved

We are choir directors, we get choir directors. 

Church Choir Friendly

Your choir will love our music!

Updated Catalog

We update our catalog twice a year!

Always Available

Our website is mobile friendly and always on!

Blog Posts

Easter Selections for Everyone to Enjoy

Easter Selections for Everyone to Enjoy

Lent, Holy Week,  and Easter are some of the most important seasons in the church year. A lot of pressure may be placed on music directors to choose songs that will set the right tone. As a result, Easter can be a stressful time for choir...

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The Call To Diversify Worship

The Call To Diversify Worship

We hear a great deal about diversity these days.  Truth is, we've always been a diverse society in the US.  Our population comes from everywhere. Literally.  The American culture is really a combination of influences from Europe, Africa, Asia, and Latin America.  We...

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Three choral selections for Father’s Day

Three choral selections for Father’s Day

Selecting choral music for a day like Father’s Day or even Mother’s Day for that matter, can be fairly easy for some, but for others it requires being attentive to the work of God in the lives of those who are a part of our parish. It’s a day that some consider sacred...

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Blended Music

Epiphany House seeks to offer choir directors the best music for churches that utilize a blended worship experience. From Christmas to Easter and everywhere in between, we are pleased to offer you musical selections that combine the best of traditional choral music with modern, contemporary arrangers.


Epiphany House is pleased to work with some of the finest composers in sacred music to bring you selections that meet all of your choral needs.

Musical Diversity

Here at Epiphany house, we know it can be difficult to please everyone with music selections. That’s why we offer a blend of musical styles to choir directors that are every bit as unique as their choirs.

Fred Bock Publishing Group

The Fred Bock Publishing Group is a family of publishing companies that offer choral and worship resources to churches of all worship styles.

“Musicians working with musicians to bring the best choral music to churches.”

– Julianne Dean –

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